first sale

Rachel Fatalla

NJEC Global Business Systems Co. Ltd. is a newly grown BPO company in the Philippines. It offers both voice (inbound and outbound calls) and non-voice services (virtual assistance) to different clients worldwide. It started its operation on the first week of April 2013. It caters different accounts from different countries.

One of its US accounts is a live transfer system. NJEC GBS’ agents are responsible for carrying out surveys to clients and if they fall under the categories, agents will then transfer the call to the service provider. This is now considered a “sale”.

Rachel Fatalla, one of the customer service representatives of NJEC GBS, holds the title as the First Seller for this account. She got her sale on this account last April 24, 2013. She has been in the call center industry for almost a year now and handled different accounts from prestigious companies in the country as well.


About Jackie
I'm Jackie, a Virtual Assistant for more than three years now. I was once a Marketing Manager and Virtual Assistant Manager in my previous work. Some of my previous responsibilities are as follows: - Market and Business Research (Competitor Analysis) - Database Management via Salesforce.com - Revised content from submitters following a pre-determined standard (Web Publishing) - Published revised work requests upon approval (Web Publishing) - Closed few VA accounts like brochure making and web development project - SEO for several Clients and also for my previous Company (including Social Media Marketing, blog/article writing, link building, and the like) - Proofread and finalized all outputs from the Team

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